Selly Oak Park, Birmingham - A wonderful open space!

Selly Oak Park is situated in Selly Oak, Birmingham.

In February 1899, Thomas Gibbins and his wife Emma Joel Gibbins (née Cadbury) donated “11 acres, 2 roods and 5 perches” of land “for ever”, arranging for the Park to be laid out.

Photography by Elliott Brown

The park was formally opened by the 88 year old Mrs.Gibbins on Easter Monday, 3 April 1899. The gift was marked by the naming of the adjacent Gibbins Road (formerly Old Lane).

Photography by Elliott Brown

It is close to the University of Birmingham. The stump from the "Selly Oak", a large oak tree on Oak Tree Lane was situated in the park after it was felled in 1909.

Old Joe from Selly Oak Park.

Photography by Elliott Brown

The park is maintained by The Friends of Selly Oak Park. You can find carved wooden sculptures around the park, by Graham Jones.

Photography by Elliott Brown

Photography by Elliott Brown


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