Moseley Park and Pool, Birmingham - A wonderful open space!

Moseley Park & Pool is a private park situated in Moseley, Birmingham between Alcester Road and Salisbury Road. See our feature for more on the park and how to gain access.

Moseley Park & Pool can be found in Moseley Village less then 2 miles from the centre of Birmingham. 

In an area spanning eleven acres of peaceful parkland can be found many hidden gems including a beautiful lake packed with fish and water fowl and surrounded by trees.  There is even an Ice House to be found here.

Moseley Park & Pool. Photography by Karl Newton


Although a private park, tours and visits can be arranged

Visitors to the park will need to have a key to unlock the gates.

However tours can be arranged and the Park is open for free during Birmingham Heritage Week every September.

For further details go to the website or contact 07908 939423.

The main entrance to Moseley Park & Pool is in Moseley Village on Alcester Road. There is also an entrance on Chantry Road.

Moseley Park & Pool

Alcester Road entrance to Moseley Park and Pool. Photography by Elliott Brown

Moseley Park Chantry Road entrance

Chantry Road entrance to Moseley Park and Pool. Photography by Elliott Brown


The Park is managed and run by a Charitable Trust and can never be sold

This historic park, with some 300 years of history, is now run by a charitable trust.

The Park was designed by the famous landscape gardener Humphry Repton.and was originally a major part of the gardens of the Moseley Hall estate.

The Park has been restored by a Charitable Trust created in 2006.

It is a quite beautiful place where people can relax and enjoy themselves.  Children and schools can also use it for educational purposes.

Terms laid down in the Charitable Trust ensures that it can never ever be sold. 

Moseley Park Karl

Colours of autumn from Moseley Park & Pool. Photography by Karl Newton

Moseley Park

Birmingham Heritage Week at Moseley Park and Pool. Photography by Elliott Brown


History of Moseley Park

At the end of the 19th Century, the estate on which the park is located was being sold for housing.

When houses on Salisbury Road were built in 1896, this resulted in the park being separated from the hall.

Businessmen bought the Park & Pool to preserve them for the citizens of Birmingham and the park was officially opened by Austen Chamberlain MP for East Worcestershire (brother of Neville and son of Joseph Chamberlain) in 1899.

The park later became part of the wider Moseley Conservation Area in 1983.

Moseley Park

Wooden chairs in Moseley Park and Pool. Photography by Elliott Brown


The Ice House at Moseley Park

The quite unique Ice House was built for the estate of Moseley Hall in the late 18th Century. It is now Grade II listed.

Built of brick, it is a subterranean structure accessible by a ladder. 

The Icehouse here was used to provide cold storage and ice for the residents of Moseley Hall in the days before invention of the refrigerator. Ice was collected from the surface of the Pool in the winter and tipped into the Icehouse where it would remain throughout the summer for use as required.

The ice stays frozen in here even today!

Moseley Park Ice House

Outside of the Ice House at Moseley Park and Pool. Photography by Elliott Brown

Moseley Park Ice House

A look down the Ice House at Moseley Park and Pool. Photography by Elliott Brown


Winter at Moseley Park

Barry Moseley Park

Moseley Park and Pool (Winter 2017/18). Photography by Barry Whitehead


Summer at Moseley Park

Karl Moseley Park

Moseley Park and Pool (Summer 2019). Photography by Karl Newton


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07908 939423

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